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Advanced Endoscopy, Dr. Leon Fisher, Gastroenterologist, Interventional Endoscopist Melbourne

Why Choose Advanced Endoscopy?

Having completed two dedicated post-graduate fellowships in Interventional Endoscopy Dr. Fisher has extensive training and performs hundreds of advanced therapeutic endoscopy procedures every year.

Meet Dr. Leon Fisher BMBS, DMedSci, FRACP

  • Consultant Gastroenterologist & Interventional Endoscopist
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Monash University

Dr. Leon Fisher is a consultant gastroenterologist with a special interest in interventional endoscopy including ERCP and diseases of the pancreas and biliary tree. Dr. Fisher holds the appointment of Head of Endoscopy at Peninsula Health and provides diagnostic and therapeutic gastroenterology services to the South Eastern and Bayside communities of Melbourne.

Advanced endoscopic procedures involve the use of a thin, long illuminated tube with a tiny video camera which is inserted into a small incision or a natural opening of the body to reach a target area. The high-quality images produced help with accurate diagnosis and interventional procedures

Advanced Endoscopy

Capsule Endoscopy is a diagnostic tool helpful in taking pictures of the digestive tract including oesophagus, stomach and especially small intestine. The small intestine is difficult to reach through conventional...

Patient Resources

Provides Information & Education Regarding Each Stages of Treatment

Patient Resources
  • Medical Board of Australia
  • Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Gastroenterological Society of Australia
  • American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  • American Gastroenterological Association
Dr. Fisher Consults at